This place was awesome!

By | May 15, 2019

We visited this restaurant twice this trip, and all four people had good meals at affordable rates. The fish fettuccini and grab of the day proved especially lovely though I do not believe that you can go wrong with anything on the menu. Very refreshing and right over the shore.

Only leaving Flamingos. This location was amazing because we attempted several beers, ribeye beef and a couple of desserts. The supervisor arrives at the table also clarifies the sauces for your chips. The service was exceptional. I hope I return to Mexico. I’d certainly return.

We moved as a little set to celebrate the 50th birthday, and dining out on the sand at the day was terrific. The waiter recommended a fire fruit caipirinha that was delicious. The fish and calamari appetizers were filled with taste, a number of the best we have had. Their birthday tribute to our buddy was quite entertaining. I highly recommend it.

Seafood is abundant and fresh at high rates. I would advise Flamingo’s for a tasty seafood dinner. Take note it is a bit far from the resort zone (about thirty minutes cab ride for 400 pesos) but well worthwhile.

Service: Friendly, you will find sufficient capable of speaking and comprehending English, and also do an excellent job in providing exceptional support, and recommendations like the best deep sea fishing riviera maya tours around the shore.

FoodI had just a few things on the menu, a garlic fish noodle – a grouper- together with veggies and rice along with water. Everything was new and thrilled my taste buds. A beach alongside you while sitting at a superb open-air construction. It might not be for everybody, but I doubt many people would despise the encounter. Also just to top things off, you can arrive at the shore and use the pool at no cost. Clean too.

OVERALL: Simply because this location isn’t near the primary tourist place doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t pay a visit to this location. Flamingo is a gem that deserves additional attention for the top quality food and service they supply. I know that not everybody is going to have the exact same fantastic time that I had here, but it might be unusual for anybody to never walk off with a grin in their face.