Outstanding Japanese food in a great locale

By | April 23, 2019

Hiromi is an outstanding Japanese restaurant with a gorgeous view. The food selection and wine sets are excellent. I had the Edame hot, the Usui Suraisu Akami and for supper a Camelado. I received excellent advice and attention from Franco. I give it five stars, and I highly recommend Hiromi.

We were here to observe a BD. We were searching for something different, and we wanted to have any teppanyaki, so we found Hiromi in Puerto Cancún. I’ve got four words for this place: Sushi Itto is much better. The service was perfect, perfect. Mauricio out of Colombia and the host were all wonderful. The food… well…

The yakimeshi was boiled than fried. The baby squid was kind of stinky. It was not bad, but the odor and flavor were sorts of strength which advised me it wasn’t fresh. The rib-eye was dry, and kind of cold that made the fat felt a little nasty in your own mouth. Btw, we did not see any teppanyaki grill everywhere, though I could be wrong on this one.

The salmon was, and so was its fried skin. The sauce it comes with was yummy. The grilled asparagus with eel sauce and wrapped on beef were excellent. The tiramisú cake had a good flavor, but it was sort of disappointing (too much lotion/mascarpone) though much better than the chocolate cake which I am sure came from a box.

You know what was incredible? That they function Nespresso coffee! How come a place similar to this dares to serve capsuled java to their customers? I mean, it wasn’t poor, but seriously? Leave these cheap tricks to locations in downtown. The place is okay but not from the world. And believe me, for those prices, you better go to Sushi Itto upstairs at the Fast Food Court. It is going to be better and more economical. Also, the people there recommended amazing things such as snorkeling tours in cozumel very accesible to us.

Our family dinner has been great also it was not expensive compared to any of that sushi restaurant in Montreal-Canada. We really enjoy our lunch, Miguel Meza guides us to ensure we would have a great experience. Thank you and see you soon again.

The place is great and the food is yummy. Mixologist is a star! Prices are very reasonable for the high quality and the view. Unfortunately, the reggaeton background music prevents us from remaining for coffee, dessert or even more drinks.