Fun Bagpipes

Miniature Bagpipe – Deluxe Model
Price: £29.95
Code: BS5

Wool cover in range of assorted tartans.

This is a chanter working set with practice chanter reed included. The drones on this set are for presentation use only. Ideal for display or souvenir gift. Available in wide range of stock tartans:- Anderson – Black Watch – Caledonia – Campbell – Douglas – Dress Gordon – Holyrood – Hunting MacLeod – Lindsay – MacDonald – Prince of Wales – Robertson – Royal Stewart – Wallace.

Not recommended for tuition purposes.

Junior Highland Practice Bagpipe
Price: £82.95
Code: BS3

This three-quarter sized bagpipe has been handcrafted from Cocus wood. The set comes with its own set of reeds (chanter reed + 3 drone reeds) and is an ideal practice set. Available in stock tartans as listed under our Miniature Bagpipe set.